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Probably one of the most popular words to come out of Avatar: The Last Airbender, it translates to "fire meeting."

Agni Kai's are a popular (and violent) way of settling arguments in the Fire Nation. One person challenges another and they both face off in a fire-bending battle.

This was also one of the events that led of up to the banishment of Prince Zuko in the series. It also brings down his mentally unstable sister, Princess Azula.
"Bitch just stole my Fire Bits! I challenge you to an Agni Kai!"
by Synthetikax July 20, 2009
When a woman is on her period.
Man, I hate riding the crimson wave. I get so bloated. . .
by Synthetikax May 05, 2007
Combination of "sexual intercourse" and "escapades."

Used to describe (usually) wild, sexually-oriented advetures.
Friend: "And then he gave me a bj. . ."
You: "That's all fine and dandy, but I don't care to hear about your personal sexcapades."
by Synthetikax August 12, 2009
The noun form of 'snooty'.

A really cocky, arrogant, stuckup person.
That guy is such a snoot for avoiding me because I don't shop at Hollister.
by Synthetikax May 05, 2007
(n) an angry outburst.

See also --- "freak out," "flip out," "flip shit," "Wig out."
Did that girl just say something about me?! Man, I was about to say...I'll kirk out on that bitch!
by Synthetikax July 06, 2009
Derived from the Adventures of Brindsey and Littany. It is an acronymn for the Hot Adult Males tribe on the deserted islands.

It is used as an adjective in one of two situations:

1.) to describe an extremely attractive man
2.) to describe a very hot and smutty fanfic.
"Ohh, with that emo cut and tight jeans, he's so ham!"
by Synthetikax May 04, 2007

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