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A proclamation used to describe a person's favorite part in a song or movie. It is typically followed by turning up the volume, dropping everything and the person singing/reciting the part over the original.
*"I Will Always Love You" comes on the radio*

"Oh shit, this is my part! AND IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-e-IIIIII...."
by SynthetikaSyringe November 06, 2011
The lovechild of emo.

The female fashion typically includes:

-long hair that is layered short on top and then throwing a pissed off cat in it.
-overly large sunglasses
-when not wearing sunglasses, loads of black eyeliner. idolize the raccoon!
-tank tops with inanimate objects personified.
"Who doesn't love a smiling toaster?"
-tons of long, gaudy jewelry
-septum rings and snake bites
-usually have billions of pictures of themselves wearing said attire, accompanied by pouting lips and peace signs
-often take these repetative pictures and post them on "whore trains" to make more "friends"

Male Fashion:

-tight jeans
-flippy, side swept hair
-snake bites are also popular
-also have tons of pictures, but usually holding the side of their head in a dramatic position
-also join may a-whore train to get "friends"
Man...that girl is so scene with her snake bites! I'll bet she has a hundred of the same pic on her myspace!
by SynthetikaSyringe July 21, 2008

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