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• The pure vocalization of swagger .

• Style in sound .

• The way a swaggalicious person talks .
White Man: "Dude how did you pick up that badonkadonk ?"
Black Man: "Usin da swagcabulary dawg ."
by Synoryth February 03, 2011
Also known as OSSD.

When an individual finds it incredibly difficult to converse or interact with a person of the opposite sex.

Also occurs when an individual can interact with a person of the opposite sex, but speaks without thinking, offends them without knowing it, or just doesn't know how to treat them. This can be seen in terrible boyfriends/girlfriends, pimps, annoying nerds, and short white freckled kids who think they're tough.
Justin: *mumbling* umm.. hi... i'm justin.. uh...
Hottest Girl in School: Hey, um, I don't remember ever seeing you before...
Justin: yeah um that's cus i'm always behind you... wait no i mean...
HGiS: Ew! Get away you freak!

*justin runs back to friends*
Friend: Omg man, do you have OSSD or something?!
Justin: What's that?
Friend: Opposite-sex social deficiency. You can figure it out.
by Synoryth November 05, 2009
Snow that is so small that it actually looks like dandruff. Sometimes it will look more like miniature hail, but it's still jewsnow.
Johnny: Dude your hoodie is covered in white flakes... do you have dandruff?

Mike: Aw no dude, it's just jewsnow.
by Synoryth November 30, 2009
An uncommon acronym used for "hold on".
Guy: HO, I'll just be a second...
Girl: WTF? CALL ME A HOE?!? You're WAYYY out of line!!
Guy: NO, no no no!! It stands for "hold on"!
Girl: oh. lol
by Synoryth January 11, 2009

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