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4 definitions by Synoryth

• The pure vocalization of swagger .

• Style in sound .

• The way a swaggalicious person talks .
White Man: "Dude how did you pick up that badonkadonk ?"
Black Man: "Usin da swagcabulary dawg ."
by Synoryth February 03, 2011
7 1
Also known as OSSD.

When an individual finds it incredibly difficult to converse or interact with a person of the opposite sex.

Also occurs when an individual can interact with a person of the opposite sex, but speaks without thinking, offends them without knowing it, or just doesn't know how to treat them. This can be seen in terrible boyfriends/girlfriends, pimps, annoying nerds, and short white freckled kids who think they're tough.
Justin: *mumbling* umm.. hi... i'm justin.. uh...
Hottest Girl in School: Hey, um, I don't remember ever seeing you before...
Justin: yeah um that's cus i'm always behind you... wait no i mean...
HGiS: Ew! Get away you freak!

*justin runs back to friends*
Friend: Omg man, do you have OSSD or something?!
Justin: What's that?
Friend: Opposite-sex social deficiency. You can figure it out.
by Synoryth November 05, 2009
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Snow that is so small that it actually looks like dandruff. Sometimes it will look more like miniature hail, but it's still jewsnow.
Johnny: Dude your hoodie is covered in white flakes... do you have dandruff?

Mike: Aw no dude, it's just jewsnow.
by Synoryth November 30, 2009
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An uncommon acronym used for "hold on".
Guy: HO, I'll just be a second...
Girl: WTF? CALL ME A HOE?!? You're WAYYY out of line!!
Guy: NO, no no no!! It stands for "hold on"!
Girl: oh. lol
by Synoryth January 11, 2009
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