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sandpaper dildo
by syndicatedevil December 04, 2008
Potamus- That girl that you took one for the team for, back in high school before you took off your training wheels; you know a lil old “nail the whale”. They are also notoriously known as savage individuals whose only concern is to consume large amounts of semen into any orifice on their body. They are always that “thing” that stares at you like you’re an appetizer and insists on talking to you at the bar and making awkward sexual advances towards you. Sometimes Potamuses travel in small packs consisting of 3-4, they hope to increase their odds of mating with attractive men in the NAVY such as myself. They are extremely dangerous exercise caution as needed.. They can also play defense for attractive females at the bar, especially when it is near last call for alcohol; every man’s mad dash for take home pussy might be thwarted by a vindictive potamus. Be warned, and stay thirsty my friends!
Example: See Cockblocker:

Man- Hi there, my names Tom!
Attractive female- Oh hello, im Sta( interrupted buy loud potamus shriek; sounds like an angry wildabeast/ape grunt thing).
Man- Throws a dog treat to get rid of potamus.
Attractive female: anyways I need a ride home.
Man: Score! Man one potamus none!
by SyndicatedEvil December 04, 2008

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