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A screwdriver (orange juice and vodka) with a small amount of Jagermeister added.
Try a Jagerdriver today!
by Syn Gatton May 03, 2010
Tits Montgomery describes someone who drives a white Chevy Cavalier with two blue stripes, and this person is also a crafty, seemingly magical gnome.
Your car and yourself makes you a Tits Montgomery.
by Syn Gatton December 22, 2009
Any asshole that needs more of a word than asshole to describe. Hence, "Fried Asshole". The fried asshole was first used to describe a father who made his sons dig a 6 foot hole in the ground in the hot sun. A "deep fried asshole" is twice as bad.
He's such a fried asshole, we should've put his ass in that hole.
by Syn Gatton May 15, 2010

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