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A MyThai is a hot sexy girlfriend that one picks up while holidaying in Thailand and brings them back to their homeland...not to be confused with the mai-tai drink served at tacky, polynesian themed restaurants.

A MyThai is usually 20-30yrs old, and the ugly man they are with is usually from England, Australia, or Germany.
Guy 1: "Wow, last week you were single, and now you are married?"
Guy 2: Yes, I went to Bangkok and got a MyThai.
by SydneyAus June 08, 2007
While a bitch cups and holds your nutsack with her left hand, she strokes your shaft with her right hand - similar in style to a poker dealer "dealing the cards" to individuals at a Texas Hold 'Em Poker table.

If you have no woman, you may also "deal the cards" to yourself while watching porn and drinking Hamm's Light.
I spent $150 on that date so expected at least a blow job, but it was a first date so she was only willing to "deal the cards".

by SydneyAus February 12, 2007

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