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Anthropomorphic frog and worst Starfox pilot. Demands help in getting out of anything from shaking off Andrew (the worst Star Wolf pilot) to shaking off two pathetic drones that could easily be destroyed by a somersault followed by a single charged laser blast. Offers completely useless advice in Star Fox Adventures.
"Hey! What's the big ide- Hey! What's the- Hey! Wh- I'm monkey food if I don't leave!" -Slippy's words in the first two seconds of the Star Wolf battle as I target him (?) for annihilation
by Syckls June 22, 2005
An incorrect spelling of the phrase hakuna matata, and because of that, is most likely an offensive phrase in Swahili.
Random fool in Kenya: Akuna matata!
Passer-by: WHAT WAS THAT?!
by Syckls March 09, 2004
1. A sudden and violent change in government.
2. The code name for Nintendo's next-generation system.
3. A brand of flea and tick treatment for pets.
{in the government's top secret Tiny Pest Growth Facility}
Blubbering Private: S-sir!
General: What is it, private?
BP: Someone tossed a bunch of prototype Nintendo systems covered in this smelly liquid through the window, and now ALL THE FLEAS AND TICKS ARE DYING!!
G: The United States is doomed!
by Syckls June 29, 2005
1. n. a pretend guy
2. n. a guy who hums around
3. n. a guy who gets run over by a lawn mower blade
Homestar: Oh, hello, Marzipan, this is... Sugarface. (whispering) OK, now what?

Strong Bad: Well, step three is to continue the prank in a direction determined by your identity, but uh, you're on you're own with Sugarface.
by Syckls March 09, 2004
A person who is single-mindedly convinced that a certain product from a certain company (usu. video games) is poor quality. This person is usually so closed-minded that the only way to really get the point across is to make fun of the word fanboy. Derived from the words fanboy and "pan", which aside from its more common definition means to harshly criticize. Initially invented for the purpose of protecting Nintendo and anime fans from being called fanboys when they really aren't, though it is not just for their use and can definitely be used against them, if done properly.
"Anime sucks even though I've only seen five minutes of one episode of Dragon Ball Z!"
"Get lost, panboy."
by Syckls August 30, 2004
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