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One who completely destroys any anus he sexually encounters.
Margret: Oww!! I've anally fornicated before but you have completely ripped apart my anus!

Pablo: Jyes. I guess jyou can call me El Bootysmasher.

Margret: Oh, you' re so smooth. Your swag is confirmed. Please, Tear me a new one!

Pablo: I believe i just did....
#bootysmasher #anal #anally #booty #anal bomber
by SychoSurge January 11, 2009
The owner of a mockasaurus. One who claims to have a large penis (cockasaurus) but it discovered to have an average or below average endowment (mockasaurus).
Bob: Yo I got a cockasaurus!


(next morning)

Mary: you fucktard Mockasaur, you lied to me and took my virginity with ur little mcokasaurus!

Bob: You're 38 and a virgin?

Mary: Ha! Joke's on you! I'm 58! Here, hold my dentures.

Bob: Is it cold in here?
Mary: Dont make excuses...
#mockasaurus #endowment #penis #cockasaurus #fornication
by SychoSurge January 13, 2009
A combonation of the words "extremety" and crematory". It is used to describe a pair of pants and/or underwear that places your genital extremites in an uncomfortable state of excessive heat.
BertholamuleYo ma dude i can't wear those extremetories when yo girl is around. Sumthin might pop up.

Oswin: yo dont talk like that ma nigguh. u talkin bout get wood off my bitch.

Bertholamule: damn mang i was just tryna explain myself to you on a deeper emotional level.

Oswin: sokay.
#extremetories #genitals #genital heat #extremeties #crematory
by SychoSurge January 11, 2009
An excessively small penis which was claimed to be, by the owner, a very large penis (or cockasaurus)

Don: Yo I got a cockasaurus.

Bennie: You bullspittin!

Don: Im serious, look!

Bennie: Nah man, thats a mockasaurus. (chuckle chuckle)
#cockasaurus #mockasaurus #penis #cock #sex
by SychoSurge January 13, 2009
1. A deragatory term referring to a woman, usually a prostitute.

2. A deragatory term referring to a homosexual male.
1. I went crusing down the avenue looking for a semensucker to swallow my shlang.

2. I'm gay, but he's an uber semensucker. I'm not that gay, Im like a 7...
#semensucker #shlang #prostitue #woman #homosexual
by SychoSurge January 13, 2009
The G-rated way of saying "Bullshitting". Only the gangsterest of the gangsters are permitted to use this word.
Mongo: Yo my dude, I got a 75 on my english test!!

Devonte: Yo stop bullspitting!

Mongo: Nah im serious.

Devonte: Damn man, thats great like Frosted Flakes!
#bullspittin' #bullspitting #bullstuff #bullshitting #marajuana #weed #dub #40
by SychoSurge January 13, 2009
The white, bowler's version of ballin. It is usually shouted or exclaimed by serveral people when a fellow bowler does something epic such as throwing a strike or a sick split.

John: This mothalova Sam is ballin

Surge: nah ma nigguh, he bowlin

Sam: (bowls a strike)

The bowling team: Bowlin!

Sam: (Goes back to eating his nachos)

Keith: Sam I don't gotta deal with this bullshit. Get your ass down here or ill kcik you off the fuckin team.

Sam: (Grunts...on the inside)
#bowlin #ballin #bowling #balling #sam #john #surge
by SychoSurge January 12, 2009
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