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A lyric from the beginning of "Bullet with butterfly wings" by Smashing Pumpkins.

1. Reference to how unfair or evil humanity has been to you in your endeavours.

2. A call and response. When you hear these lyrics sung, you must respond with the proceeding bass riff. Yes, this requires you to know the song. You may then proceed, if you like, to sing the next line of lyrics. This, however, is not encouraged as it can be seen as taking the joke "too far". Many lulz are then had, followed by discussion of how awesome the Smashing Pumpkins band are.
1. Guy1: "Today, not only did my girlfriend of four years reject my marriage proposal. She made out with another guy in front of me."
Guy2: "That really does blow dude. The world is a vampire."

2. (Dude approaches group of friends)
Dude: "The world is a vampire" (sung)
Group of friends: "do do do do dooobee dooo."
by Swordykinsh March 21, 2010

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