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2 definitions by SwitIsTheWord


1. 'Swit' (swit/switter/swittest) - good, sweet, sick, cool, cheeky, amazing, brilliant, awesome, wicked

A combination of the words 'sweet' and 'sick' (both in the context of meaning something is good). Calling something or someone 'swit' would make it or them 'sweet' 'sick' 'cool', 'good' or even 'cheeky' or 'attractive'

It originated in September 2012 from Horsham, West Sussex, United Kingdom, and has spread around local towns such as Horsham, Crawley, Copthorne.
1. 'Ahh Chris that goal you scored on FIFA was swit!'

2. 'Damn you are looking swit tonight!'

3. 'That was the swittest meal I've ever had!'

4. 'That concert could't have been any switter!'
by SwitIsTheWord September 12, 2012
Potwash - someone/something that is useless, pointless. Derived from the job 'potwash' in which someone who works in a pub/restaurant and only 'washes the pots'.

Calling someone or something a potwash could mean they are stupid, useless, meaningless, pointless, dumb, worthless etc.

The word originated at Chichester University, West Sussex, United Kingdom, December 2012
1. *someone breaks something
'Oh my you are such a potwash Soph!'

2. *someone does a job/task wrong
'Chris you're nothing but a potwash!'

3. 'That lesson was so pointless'

'Yeah, it was absolute potwash!'

4. 'You're an idiot!'


by SwitIsTheWord December 06, 2012