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The sudden & unannounced arrival at a party, skipping the courtesies. Without greeting or notifying anyone of your entrance, just start drinking and pretend you were there the whole time.

When somebody confronts you with your sudden appearance, just act like he is the one being crazy or not paying proper attention.
- ''Hey Staines, you here? When did you come in?''
- ''What are you talking about man? I've been here the whole evening.''
- ''Yeah whatever, sounds like you pulled a Trojan Entrance''

The Trojan Entrance goes along well with the Polish Exit.

- ''Hey man, have you seen Staines leaving?''
- ''What are you talking about? He wasn't here in the first place''.
- ''Brilliant, he combined a Trojan Entrance with a Polish Exit. Well played.''
by SwiftDos November 23, 2011

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