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One who holds at least one million Zimbabwe dollars, but is still very poor by nearly all standards
Harare is full of Zillionaires, but they are threatened with starvation.
by Swifft November 12, 2008
v. to incite radical change; to shatter stereotypes

n. any event that significantly changes the perception of the current situation by inspiring others that change is on the way
Nov 4, 2008, the original Barack-O-Bomb.
by swifft November 05, 2008
v. to end interaction with someone who is not contributing to your well-being whatsoever; to be done with some one or something
E: D-Willi, what's going on with you and that chick?

D-Willi: I clacked her last night. Not worth my time.
by swifft January 25, 2008

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