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2 definitions by Swicca

Multicultural surrounding where all the different cultures slowly become more uniformal generation after generation by adopting bits and pieces of other cultures and giving away some of their own traditions.
United States of America is the most known melting pot
by Swicca March 01, 2005
Necronomicon, Book of Dead Names (Necro - Dead, Nom - Name, Icon - Book) is ancient egyptian book about funerals, death and underworld.
It contained the rituals of burial and prayers for example to avoid torment (like eating dung).

Later it was used by writer H.P. Lovecraft in conjunction with his Cthulhu-mythos thus giving occult meaning to it. This connection is, however fictional.
Iä Iä Shub-Niggurath
by Swicca March 01, 2005