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A Site that is a Great idea used to beat Myspace, Facebook, Xanga etc. and Mashes them all together into a Great site except for the fact it is used by a group worse than the "Myspace Whores", It is looking less like a yearbook each day to combat the other definitions.
Written by an anonymous Myyearbook User:

ok so my ex wants to have sex with my cuz when we were dateing i wanted to lose my virginity to him but my brother always told me stuff about him that was a total turnoff nd lastnight he said if i wanted to still lose it to him nd i said yes nd he said well then we should hangout sometime nd he told me to call him when im in town cuz i live in 2 towns so i said ok i will and i really want to do this but part of me doesnt but the bad thing is he has a gurlfriend and they been dateing for 7 months.

and also..does it hurt for ur first time or does it only hurt for a few seconds then it doesnt
by Sweetgurr November 04, 2007

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