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a word created by A.McGuire. It's just another word for "I dont' trust him/her/them etc." It's just a cooler way of saying u don't trust a person without havign to say the whole thing.
look at that pedo. i Dont' trust.
by SweetNAMese February 10, 2005
Use this word if u wanna call someone a dangerous Slut. ;)
U're such a slut-ox Amanda.

Stop doing oone night stands... with ur friend's boyfriends/husbands U SLUT-OX!
by SweetNAMese February 10, 2005
aka Lyna. Best friend to A.McGuire. Members of many forums. MOD to one forum. Loves TV, MUSIC & MOVIES.

Loyal to her old friends from Sheppard and appreciates her new ones.

Altho her name says she's sweet, it's quite ironic cuz she's sour/bitch. :D
Yo SweetNAMese, youse a bitch.
by SweetNAMese February 10, 2005
A desperate person who doesn't have real friends and spend 24/7 on the computer chatting to perverts and pedophiles and not going ot school or finding a real job.

She can get soem nice guys if she really focuses on real work for once. ANd can get good friends if she just socialize with other and not be mean to them.
You're such a Marri.
by SweetNAMese February 10, 2005
A name that is called by friends. It's for those that are cute as a tit but at the same time is a hookerish slut.
Aaron: U're such a Hooker Tit Lyna.

Lyna: I know.. thanx :D
by SweetNAMese February 10, 2005
Complicating, mean/r00d and demanding at times. Short and skinny. and is also known as "slut", "whore", "skank", "hooker" and "slutox" by her good friends.
Veena, You're such a LYNA!

That girl is such a LYNA.
by SweetNAMese February 10, 2005
A slut who is also known as my bitch.
U're my bitch Veena. (LMAO ;))
by SweetNAMese February 10, 2005

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