3 definitions by SweatyNuts

Noun. Similar to Dick Snot, it refers to clumpy, crusted semen or penile discharge.
"Dude, I have some mad dick boogers tonight. Should have worn a rubber."
by SweatyNuts April 20, 2006
Adj. Combination of Amazing, Wonderful, and Fabulous. Used to describe something fucking GREAT.
"This puss is mazifulous."
by SweatyNuts April 20, 2006
Verb. Any sexual act involving an instrument.

"Ever since I found that sweet clarinet outside my shed, I can't stop strumen' it with my cack!"


"Tonight I'm going to light some candles, play some soft music, and spend the night strumen' with my harmonica."
by SweatyNuts April 20, 2006

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