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term of endearment, usually between two male friends. W.Ireland, possible Gaelic origin.
John: Alright scan, any craic?
Joe: Hello John, how are you? I like your t-shirt.
by Sweats O'Harrigan March 27, 2007
attractive, W.Ireland. Possible Gaelic origin. Usually uttered by a man in reference to a woman.
John: Look at your wan, she's pure tome, like!

by Sweats O'Harrigan March 27, 2007
exclamation. W.Ireland, possible Gaelic origin - an exclamation used by wretched people to replace normal speech, usually in situations where the truth would cause said wretched person to lose face.
T: What on Earth have you done!?
R: (Embarrassed silence)weagh!
by Sweats O'Harrigan March 27, 2007
Verb - W.Ireland, possible Gaelic origin - have sexual intercourse with
Aw man, look at the tats on her! Would ya tome her, would ya!?
by Sweats O'Harrigan March 28, 2007
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