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The Word "Please" In H4x0r Language. It is also often Misused and Used In Normal Chat.
A Good and Bad Player Meet In a MMORPG Game. The Bad Player Is a Lower Level than the good player and begs for money and items.

Bad Player: Phr33 St00f Pl0x! n33d phr33 m0n3y 4nd St00f pl0x w00t!

Good Player: U C4nt H4ve Anyth1n l00l u n00bz0r LoL! Y0u h4v3 t0 h4x0rz t3h g4m3z t0 w1N!!! Pl0x!!!!11 R0flz0rz

Bad Player: stFu! n00bz0rZ U h4x0rz3d T0 g3t 4ll ur st00f pl0X l0lz!!!!!!!11111!!
by Swazy May 29, 2007
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