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When you have a six-pack and it's obvious that it isn't just some ordinary well worked out six-pack. These packs means it seriously.

Some times people claim that serious abs might get so serious that the whole back muscle area becomes totally out of influence because of the extreme abdominal power.

When your abs reach that certain point where they become serious they might develop their own requirements, such as; a special diet, to be flexed frequently and shown off in front of people or even become unsatisfied when someone touches them.

Serious abs are pussy-magnets, but in a much more serious way. Don't mess with them unless you got 'em!
- Oh... My... God... Did you just see those abs. That's probably the hottest man alive!!!

- Yeah, that's some serious abs.
by SwaggerBomb April 30, 2010
If your like drvin' in new york with your caRRR.
- Word up. ur like born global?
- Sure is. im like driving in ma caRRR
- Yeahhh
by Swaggerbomb April 22, 2010
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