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Something you say when a girl does something sexy that gives you a boner. You usually say it in front of her face but at a volume she can't here you.
Girl: Tonight I'm going to get Tipsy, you should join me in my bed.

Boy: Boner Achieved. :)

Girl: What?

Boy: Uhhh nothing!
by sWaG WeAr April 26, 2010
1. When a mail man/women masturbates while delivering mail.

2. When a mail man/women masturbates and proceeds to orgasm into the mailbox of the receiver.

3. When a U.P.S. man/women delivers a package then proceeds to directley finger/or jack of the receiver.
Ups Man: I have a package for Ms. Seduction.

Ms. Seduction: Oh, perfect timing I was getting Lonely.

Ups Man: well thats my job a a Distribation officer.
by SwAg WeAr May 12, 2010
1. Another name for Masturbating.

2. When ordering a burger at Mcdonald's and the employes proceeds to jizz onto the burger creating the McDonald's McJakker.
Guy: I'm home with food from McDonald's.

Girl: Oh wonderful.

Guy: Its your favorite.

Girl: A McJakker?

Guy: Yes I McJakkered it myself in the car.
by SwAg WeAr May 13, 2010
The act of setting up from a distance and throwing multiple Hostess Ding Dongs at the victims door until the victim awnsers the door, then proceed to run.
Ding Dong Ditcher: Bombs Away!!!

Vitim: WTF!!!!

Ding Dong Ditcher: Seeya!

Victim: I hate Hostess, always promoting the Ding Dong Ditch.
by SwAg WeAr May 12, 2010
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