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One of the most common acronyms around. Can stand for organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous, American Airlines, the Automobile Association or the Anarchist Army. It also stands for a common type of battery.
I'm a member of the AA.
by Svelter July 18, 2006
A very fun and interesting internet game favoured by those of superior intellect. Although it is a game of 'politics' declaring war is strictly forbidden and the moderators have an unfair amount of power to control this in any means possible, though this usually means deleting everyone.
My favourite political game was nationstates...til I got deleted.
by Svelter October 15, 2005
The fruit that is often mistaken for a vegetable. Red in colour and fleshy within, but beware of the pips!
Has ye ever heard of the tomato?
by Svelter July 11, 2006
A substituted word for 'cool' used by people looking for another synonym for the word. It comes from the fact that 'ccol' in German is 'locker' and a locker in English is a box for shoes.
Riccy: I just found a tree that looks like a urinal!
Zettlen: Shoebox!
by Svelter September 24, 2006
The pinnacle of being able to ride a bike. The ability to play a guitar whilst cycling or do something effortlessly cool. Based on the fact that many Croatians prefer to bike around town and so get very good at it, resulting in everyone being talented enough to ride backwards.
James was a real Croatian cyclist, he could ride backwards, send texts whilst biking and had a real talent.
by Svelter November 04, 2005
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