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A girl who is fat but still kinda hot looking, making her a fat hottie or fottie.
Michelle said, "I may be fat but guys still hit on me, that makes me a fottie."
by suzytdogg October 24, 2006
Feeling sorry for yourself, wishing you could be somewhere you can't. Especially when someone is incarcerated and missing life on the outside.
Tyrone told Ed, "Man dude, I noticed you've been thinking about your girl all day, stop sucker strokin."
by Suzytdogg July 18, 2006
Someone who at first is your uncle and then hooks up with your mom and marries her and becomes your father instead. Combine Father and uncle and you have a funcle. This mostly happens with low income, ignorant redneck families.
Tom said, "My mom is now dating my uncle Kenny and they are getting married next month, so I guess that makes him my funcle or step-funcle."
by suzytdogg October 23, 2006

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