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A chronic pain beneath the skull brought on by constantly refreshing the screen during a Woot-Off, sometimes leading to violent seizures.
Dude - I have a splitting Woot-Off headache. But it was all worth it to score that frank-ass RC helicopter. Just wish I hadn't been flopping on the floor during the Bag-of-Crap.
#woot #off #headache #bag-of-crap #bag #of #crap
by SurveyJake March 26, 2009
A text mistakenly and regrettably sent of which the sender is highly embarrassed. First sent by Ted Mosby to "Holly"
Oh shit. I just textie texted my boss with "I love you pookie pie"
#text #embarrassing #textie #how i met your mother #ted #mosby
by SurveyJake April 27, 2009
A number so large it can only be found on Urban Dictionary. Mass quantities. Lots of certain stuff. Represented by a 1 followed 461 billion zeros.
Moe: So, Joe. What are your plans for the weekend?

Joe: Why Moe, I'm gunna try to drink a thrillion beers by Sunday night.

Moe: Good luck, Joe. You're a true American hero!
#number #math #million #thousand #billion #trillion #lots #amount #many
by SurveyJake April 17, 2009
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