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A band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Commonly known for establishing the genre of "Dude-Rock". Better for fans of high fives then that of music. Loved by Punk-asses around the United States.
"Yo man Hinder is awesome man, high five yeah!"

by Surisis August 08, 2006
An Acronymn for Broken English Television. Is availble through satellite and cable tv hookup. Plays a hip hop and rap music videos that are usually inside a night club. Known to even break tv screens from all the pointing and gang sign flashing going on. Loved by more white people than black.
BET "I like the way you be right thurr..."
BET "I axe you to da club"
BET "For Shizzle Dizzle in my mizzle got dang hizzle."
by Surisis August 08, 2006
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