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Someone who titty fucks with a mustache on, yes this is what humanity has come to, its sad.
Joann: wanna titty fuck?

Svena: ok

Joann: I will pull an Adolf Titler

Svena: ew, no way

Joann: Adolf Titler!
by SupremeMasterDan June 16, 2014
Someone who automatically brings racism into a conversation.
Bob: Hey, just finished helping paint my school!

Tim: Hey nice job!

Jon(randy): what color?

Bob: White!

Jon: so its a white school? You racist!

Bob and Tim: what a racist randy!
by SupremeMasterDan June 16, 2014
Someone who ignores and or fails to comprehend the written word while simultaneously doing something idiotic or being and asshole.
Jim: Hey did you hear about bob?

Jon: No, tell me!

Jim: He ran into a mine field yelling "penis"

Jon: Didnt he see the mine field sign?!

Jim: No!

Jon and Jim: What an illiterate cunt muffin!
by SupremeMasterDan June 16, 2014

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