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Name derived from a long line of royal badasses.
You're a Cloward? Right this way.
#badass #leader #educated #swagger #inspiring
by Supreme overlord October 13, 2013
A microscopic, shitty town in western NY. There is nothing there. At all. It sucks. The school isnt bad, but there is nothing to do except shoot stuff and play video games. There a lot of dumbasses, and the only chains there is a Mobil station and shitty Subway, the gayest resturant ever. There are so many retards there, like Alex N., he is a fag.

So unless you like sitting at home watching tv and shoveling snow all winter, dont come to this gay ass town.
Unless you like guns, or getting it up the butt, dont go to Savona!
#savona #gay #shitty #ny #homo
by Supreme Overlord February 11, 2008
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