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The last few minutes before you end a relationship with someone, which usually consists of awkward conversation.
Joe: I guess I need to go share a farewell moment with Chelsea, I've had enough of her.
Josh: Good luck man.
by Supersingleton January 02, 2010
When a guy denys relations he has had with a girl he dated or had a one night stand with in the past
Jon: Dude didn't you have sex with Lindsey?
Kevin: No way man, shes not my type.
Jon: Are you sure? Maybe your just having a whiteout moment.
by Supersingleton January 02, 2010
A man who just broke up with his girlfriend and is excited to get back into the dating world.
Tim: Is that Josh over there?
Jason: Yeah, he's with those three girls.

Tim: Guess he's moving on pretty fast.
Jason: Yeah, he's a free mason.
by SuperSingleton December 25, 2009

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