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4 definitions by Supermetalfreak

A devastating hurricane that was a category 5 hurricane when it hit the golf cost. Gustav in Old Swedish Orgin means "staff of the goths".
Gustav is coming!! Runn!!
Tell the new orleans people to evacuate!!
by Supermetalfreak August 30, 2008
Coon-ass slang for getting messed up.
Omg dude she was so piyad last night.
by Supermetalfreak February 05, 2008
A mix between Japanese and Asian people.
It's a bird. It's a plane. Oh no it's just a japanasian dude.
by Supermetalfreak February 04, 2008
Female version of a hustler
Raya's a diva!
by Supermetalfreak February 21, 2009