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Personality or character trait, implying one or both of the following:

A) the workaholick: the person tries to be a perfectionist or one-man-army, accomplishing as much as possible him/herself;

B) the saviour: the person constantly feels the urge to try and help or "save" others, comforting them in times of distress whenever possible.
1: uh, the photocopier just broke down.
2: cool, i'm on it.
1: and the sales meeting is about to fall apart.
2: let me talk to the client.
1: AND your secretary is about to go into labour!
2: great, just send in the client while i deliver her baby.
1: dude, who do you think you are, Superman!?

1: hey, that girl's really screwed up. i wonder if i could help her change..that'd be really hot.
2: da hell? you tryin' to save her? what, you have Superman syndrome or something?
#perfectionist #workaholic #messiah #hero #superman #complex #syndrome
by Superman Syndrome April 23, 2009
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