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Patch/Pad/Beat Patch/Cut in:

A place in the countryside one drives to to smoke weed. Usually a patch of concrete or grass off road used during harvesting, hidden by trees/hedgerow in a farmers field. A good patch would have nice scenery, little mud and uneven ground, be discreet (no tyre tracks that can be followed and car can't be seen from road) and be able to cater for a few cars at once.
*If the farmer comes in his truck looking pissed off and with a gun tucked under his arm, run/drive/fly. .fast.

*Who are the twats that always leave munchie-rubbish everywhere? BAIT! Patchs are used by farmers too. .

*Having car lights on in the dark so people can see you on the road. .bad idea.
#angry farmer #cops #stoner #hotbox #reefer
by Superjimmeh February 17, 2009
A word used when describing how stoned you are; where your majanojary is at is determined by how stoned you are. If you've got your majanojary, you're sober, if you're starting to lose it, you're getting stoned and if it's long gone. .you're really shot. It's complicated and easier to understand through reading the example.
A group of stoners smoking lots of green sitting in a car in a field just off the road in the middle of the countryside, nothing around but trees, hedgerows and grass, 2.30a.m.

Stoned Stoner 1: Look at that cloud above those trees, it looks like Osama Bin Laden! And that one looks a bit like Jesus. .and Elvis Presley-
Stoned Stoner 2: WTF is that over there in those woods!!!!!!!? Fuck there's someone there!!
Stoned Stoner 3: There's nothing there you wanker! You're fucked
Stoned Stoner 2: Yea but it looked like a man dressed all in black with a hood and purple eyes and. .yea ok I'm fairly cained.
Stoned Stoner 1: Me too. .my majanojary fucked off down the hill hours ago, and probably reached the bottom on joint number 17 of the evening!
Stoned Stoner 3: My majanojary is half way down the hill. Anyone got the lighter so I can spark this Bob and mine can get the rest of the way down and join yours?
Stoned Stoner 2:Err the lighter's fucked off down the hill too. .can't find it.

*Everyone looks for ligther*
#shot #stoned #high #trippin #baked
by Superjimmeh February 17, 2009
An old ladies fanny: You got to chew through the crust and lick off the jelly to get to the meat. .like a pork pie.
Dickhead 1: Fuck me she's fit!
Dickhead 2: Noway! She must be about 70, I bet she's got a proper pork pie!
Dickhead 1: . .And? All the more flavour. *Licks Lips*
#granny basher #smeg #fit #crusty #fanny
by Superjimmeh February 17, 2009
An arrogant gentleman. In other words a man from a well to-do background with mannors, charm and class but under the polite conversation he's exceptionally arrogant and pompous.
''I've never met such an arrogent man in my life!''
#posh #classy #arrogant #stuck up #false #pretentious.
by Superjimmeh February 17, 2009
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