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A taunt yelled at someone to let them know they are being a pussy and for them to get on with whatever they are afraid to do. Meaning to use the manly powers of a ballsack for courage.
Grow a pair already and jump!!
by Supercords July 29, 2012
Said to someone who has just done something annoying to you.

Sometimes used in place of What the hell?, Seriously?, or Why did you do that?
I'm enjoying my lunch in the school cafeteria. Douchebag walks by and knocks my milk all over my food.

Me: "What gives?!?"
by Supercords July 14, 2012
A person's actions, whether good or bad, will often have consequences for that person.
You kick a dog in the morning. Later that night a rabid dog bites you in the ass and you die of rabies. The neighbor who saw you kick his dog says: What comes around goes around.
by Supercords July 14, 2012
A crying fit.
Oh, did that offend you? Here come the water works!
by Supercords July 14, 2012
Something said is not understandable. They might as well be speaking Greek, assuming you don't speak Greek.
Me: What the hell is that chick blabbering about?

Friend: Who knows. It's all Greek to me.
by Supercords July 29, 2012
An annoyingly stupid and shallow person.
Sheila is such a birdbrain, she is always forgetting where her keys are.
by Supercords June 06, 2012
Expression of surprise, anger, or both.
Obnoxious girl jabbering away on her cell phone runs into you, knocking your drink onto your shirt.

You: "What the hell?!?!"
by Supercords July 14, 2012
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