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the #1 threat to the universe who when he gets more fans his power grows until he comes to the point were his power level becomes that of Chuck Norris, Broly, Dr.Octagonapus, and Goku combined. She claims to be a male singer despite the fact her voice is that of a 10 year old girl. unless she dies soon she will destroy the universe with horrible music and brainwash almost every female to believing Justin Bieber is attractive. eventually she will have destroyed any decent music band such as BTR, Nickleback, and any other band that is better than her(in other words every1)
JB fangirl: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111 JUSTIN BIEBER IS SO HAWT!!!!!!1111111 and you just hate him coz ur jealous

me:no he just disables my powers

JB fangirl: what powers?-radio explodes- wth?

me:-turns into super sayin- kah-meh hah-meh HHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!-shoop da whoop
by Super_Sayin_Broly November 11, 2010

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