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13 definitions by SuperWay

How you don't write highway
can also be meant to say "hi Way" where you will have to know someone who's actually named Way
"i'm taking the hiway today"
"hi way"
by SuperWay August 06, 2006
Another word for stuff that "deserve" the word stuffies.
Can also be used under cases of hyperactivity, then everything becomes stuffies.
That's my favourite stuffie.
Could you get me some stuffies from the fridge?
by SuperWay April 03, 2006
A japanese game producer company that are responsible for many popular japanese games, amongst them is the popular MMORPG game Ragnarok (aka. RO)
Who's Gamania?
the creators of RO
by SuperWay August 06, 2006
A rather complicated and overly stupid and tiring way of saying "Wednsday".
Said by people who doesn't know how to say the days of a week, or who doesn't know which weekday it is.

An idiot trying to sounds dramatic and special.
"what are you doing on the day after tomorrow?"
"yeah, the day after tomorrow"
"Wednsday!...you're a retard"
by SuperWay July 16, 2006
say it out and you will see it actually means "jack it"
where "jack" refers to jacking (off), and "it"...well, use your imagination
"you suck"
"jacket retard"
by SuperWay August 06, 2006
also known as omfg or 0mf6 or ¤/\/\£6...etc.etc.etc.
basically it means exactly the same as omfg which means "Oh My Fucking God" but in this case has become "0h /\/\y fucking 6ood"
This is known as 1337 5p34k
People who are truly 1337 do not use normal characters from the alphabet.7#475 #0W 51M|>£3 !7 15
0/\/\f6, j00z 833Z 1337z0rz
by SuperWay August 05, 2006