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Noun- 1:A colored, claylike substance that is sold to children to keep them entertained for hours. 2: A non-toxic modeling clay for small children. Can dry if left out for 2-3 days. Adults or irresponsible teenagers (like me) can use it for all sorts of home repair.
Me- Dude, I accidentally shot a .38 pistol in my room. It made a huge hole!

Friend- Well, what're you gonna do?

Me- It's ok, i sealed it up with play-doh
by SuperMan9856 May 09, 2004
To come out of a shell and do something different to express yourself.
From "What Women Want" (Mel Gibson and his screen daughter in bathroom, Mel in pantyhose)

Daughter: "Dad! What are you doing??"
Mel: "I'm...ah...exfoliating"
by SuperMan9856 March 14, 2004
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