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This hideously bad ringtone originated from a simple Shockwave Flash video known as the Insanity Test, in which one stared at a picture of a racecar while the sound played; if one laughed before 60 seconds were up, they were considered "insane".

Apparently, some marketing jerk thought he had struck gold with this sound effect; and unfortunately, he was right. After the initial release of the "Crazy Frog" sound by Jamster, this incessant, mosquito-like whine began making the rounds on the cellular phones of everyone and their mother's brother.

Thankfully, it has now all but worn itself out, and is rarely heard emnating from a cell phone, radio, or computer anywhere. When it does rear its ugly head, however, make sure you plug your ears ASAP, lest you risk catching the most horrible ear worm known to man.
I remember way back, when the Insanity Test wasn't the most annoying thing ever invented... Then that damn Crazy Frog came along and ruined my life.
by Supakitsune July 10, 2008

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