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A slang word used to describe a high ranking homosexual male supervisor, or a high ranking homosexual male boss.

This word was coined as a result of it's likeness to the word queer and also because of feminine like tendencies of gay males. Combine this with the authority that a Queen has and you have "the Queen".
The Queen got a new boyfriend recently and he's bringing him around the office to introduce to everyone.

The Queen gave me a shitty project to do cause he knows I'm a big homophobe.
by Sunny Delight December 18, 2007
A term in car sales used to describe a customer who does not negotiate, but buys at full price. Customer is a laydown because he buys at whatever price the salesman asks him to.
"Mark just had a laydown larry. The guy bought the car at full price and didn't even ask for a dime off."
by Sunny Delight December 18, 2007
Term used to describe a chicken shit supervisor who throws his weight around but weasels out of challenging projects, tasks, jobs, or decisions.

Usually describes someone who is skinny and of small stature.

When it came time to evict the drunk, Weasel Boy dissappeared cause he had a bullshit call to go ot.

Weasel Boy fucked up on the project, and he blamed ourt whole group for his failure.
by Sunny Delight December 18, 2007
Term used in car sales to describe a customer who never buys, and who wanders around the showroom like a cockroach.

Usually a "roach" has lousy credit and can't afford to buy, or he comes in regularly and talks shit how he will buy, but never actually buys a car because of variuous resons, like credit, money, or his indecisivness.
Don't talk to that guy standing by the canovertible. He's a raoch and will waste your time.

This roach has been in here every other day, and he still makes up excuses not to buy. Stay away from him.
by Sunny Delight December 18, 2007
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