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The College of Knowledge is none other than the astounding institute of College of Charleston, which is located in historic downtown Charleston, SC.

While it is a small school, it is in the heart of a gorgeous city full of historic architecture, including many houses and churches, and is a quick drive to many beaches and parks. The College of Charleston is a liberal arts school with a very dynamic student body (just around two-thirds female) and a competitive athletic program.
The College of Knowledge is the best college in the country. Students are fun and exciting, the women are gorgeous, the sports are successful, and you can't beat Charleston, SC.
by SumterStatus September 14, 2009
When a bro gets a person, most likely a young woman, to pass out or become in a temporary sedated state by some means, most commonly alcohol (Naty Light), or roofies.
"Trent totally nailed this Chi-O last night, bro!"
"Really? Did he put her in a bromatose?"
"Totally bromatose, man. The ole roofie in the Naty."
by SumterStatus September 11, 2009

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