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Word: enycezc3m
Pronounciation: eh-neez-c-three-m
Part of Speech: noun, adjective, verb

1. sumo wrestler; During the Cold War, thousands of enycezc3m migrated from Alaska to Mexico in search of weed. The weed was injected with an odd "glitching" extract. Most are extinct, and only one is known to exist, which was bred in captivity in sumo rings.

2. weirdo, strange, druggie

3. slang for cool person

4. massive stomper

enycezc3m likes cheese..


If I didn't know you...you'd so get a enycezc3m upside your head.


What the fudge?! Did you just enycezc3m me while I wasn't looking?
by SumoFriend February 07, 2010
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