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Shitty ass car that only lasted 3 years in the American market. After the Asian Financial Crisis GM bought Daewoo but quality stayed the same. The cars are now disguised as Chevy to hide their shittiness behind a good brand car. It forced the Corvette to become its own brand overseas. The Americans, Mexicans, and Canadians got fucked even more because theyre hidden as Suzuki, Pontiac, and Chevy
Daewoo Kalos/Gentra - Chevy Aveo, Pontiac Wave, Pontiac G3, Suzuki Swift+
Daewoo Lemans/Daewoo Racer - Pontiac Lemans
Daewoo Matiz - Chevy Matiz, Chevy Spark, Pontiac G2, Pontiac Matiz
Daewoo Rezzo/Tacuma - Chevy Tacuma, Chevy Rezzo, Chevy Viviant
Daewoo Tosca - Chevy Epica
Daewoo Magnus - Chevy Epica, Chevy Evanda, Suzuki Verona
Daewoo Lacetti - Chevy Lacetti, Chevy Nubira, Chevy Optra, Suzuki Forenza, Suzuki Reno
#shit #chevy #pontiac #suzuki #hyundai #kia
by Sum Random Shit December 30, 2007
someone who spends their day reading the bible and only talks about the bible. they become like robots except they only do things related to the bible
Some J.W.s act like bible drones
#bible thumper #bible #church #religion #bible nerd
by sum random shit September 13, 2007
Aussie car company that was bought out by GM. Then they got fucked by having Daewoos in their line up. All of the cars are good looking, and perform good with the exception of the:
Holden Barina (Daewoo Kalos)
Holden Viva (Daewoo Lacetti)
Holden Epica (Daewoo Tosca)
1: "My Holden broke down"
2: "How the fuck does that happen?"
1: "I dont know. All I know is that my Holden Epica is at the shop right now."
2: "Oh. Youre driving a Daewoo. Thats why."
1: "Damn. I knew i shulve bought the Commodore."
2: "Dont worry about it. The same thing happened when I bought a Holden Viva."
#commodore #monaro #holden monaro #gto #ponitac gto
by Sum Random Shit December 30, 2007
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