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thee ultimate in foul language, no one can respond to this or just something you say before your about to kick someone's fuckin teeth in but you have to look real mad for it to work
i love talkin shit to people

you better stop "GLARE" or else

aahh!!! Fuck Shit Cock Ass Titti Boner Bitch Muff Pussy Cock Butthole Barbra Streisand

uuhhh thsorry i cannt tolk
by Suicidal Alcazar July 28, 2009
Mexican Candy extremely high on sugar levels, This shit will have you up tweekin all night this is useful when your high and/or drunk at parties to avoid passing out

the smack of candies and the alternative of crack for mexicans because they can afford it in amounts and it gives you the rush that you get from smoking crack
Fuck man! im dying
Who wants Ka Ka Crack!! (as he enters the room)
Nah man im cool , I dont want any
Yes you do your just being stuborn
No i dont do Hardcore Drugs
Dude its just fuckin candy
by Suicidal Alcazar July 30, 2009
It's what you say to your friend when hes fucked up off drugs or alcoholic beverages or if he taps out from a session
Uuhh fuck that im good off that hash

Face The Waste!!
by Suicidal Alcazar August 10, 2009
When you spend to Christmas eve and Christmas day in complete darkness worshiping the devil like a Satanic Mass and the kids consist of getting Voodo dolls and Ouiji boards for gifts
Happy Anti-Christmass everybody!!
by Suicidal Alcazar November 29, 2009
one of the "Finest" malt liquor out there it has that smooth feeling from first gulp to last it comes in tall cans and 40 oz. and has a dope ass mascot

it the breast milk of the Irish goddesses
What do you want to drink?

Mickey's on the rocks Ooh Yeeeaa!!
by Suicidal Alcazar July 24, 2009
When something tragic in your life happens and you decide to get wasted and think suicidal thoughts thus inducing you to drive and kill yourself

Don't recommend suicide but if you are this is the way to go dying a hero
i can't belive that my girlfriend dumped me i think im gonna pull a D.U.I Suicide
by Suicidal Alcazar August 10, 2009
When you rome the streets under the influence of drugs such as Crack, Nose candy aka "Coke" but mostly Marijuana and LSD to give that psychedelic feeling, this happens mostly at night in big cities like SF or NYC or in any city were you tend to see alot of squatters or stuck up kids. A knife or a weapon is recommended and music also helps the "Trip"
Punk #1:Hey did you hear about Johnny? He went Crack city rockin' alone and got licked.

Punk #2:What happend to his knucks?

Punk #1:He was so fried on that acid that he lost them.!
by Suicidal Alcazar July 23, 2009

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