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Is the definition of Bitchin, Hotness, and mainly kicks some serious ass. Can found at Jonas brother concerts, backstage, and listening to the Beatles.
Person 1: Did you see that girl?

Person 2 : Hell yeah, she is soooo a Kayla Wonisch. That girl can kick some ass!
by SuggaDaddyV June 28, 2009
Is everyones favorite weather man, lunatic, midnightlover.
Loves Carrie Underwood and Elle Woods and plays monopoly often.
Did you see the weather man Professor Merryweather?
by SuggaDaddyV June 28, 2009
A Trendpimp is someone who markets trends through various things.
joise" They put subliminal messages in our music, Im a Trendpimp."
by SuggaDaddyV October 21, 2009
A girl who is beautiful, kind, smart, and creative. Likes to play guitar and write, and can be found on MLIA, watching Glee, or talking about Youtube.
Person 1: Did you see that girl? She was talking about youtube, who is she?

Person 2: Oh, thats Victoria
by SuggaDaddyV December 27, 2009
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