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Something thats just not quite right, but you cant quite put your finger on it. Or something thats not at all what its supose to be.
Person 1: "Our project is almost finnished, but something is missing"
Person 2: "Yeah, Something's Fucky"
Person 1: "I didnt hear from her in a week!"
Person 2: " Thats weird..Something's Fucky!"
by Sugarcube414 July 16, 2010
The moment where all things that are good are in your hands and no one can steal it from you. Something so amazing that cant be taken away from you. Its so epic, its in a jar.
Holy jesus, I hit the jack pot!

Whoa man, thats epicness in a jar right there!
by Sugarcube414 July 15, 2010
Pointing out something bad before it happens... Or when someone is about to get mad.
Person 1: "Ahhh shit I am so going to fuck up this presentation tomorrow."

Person 2: "Hahahaha, Cue The Thunder."


Person 1: "The next time I see him I'm going to fuck him up"
Person 2: "Uhh oh! Cue The Thunder. man."
by Sugarcube414 July 16, 2010
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