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1 definition by Subwayman

The stance one assumes in order to brace for the sudden start of a subway or train. A good subway stance makes holding onto handrails unnecessary. Styles include, but are not limited to:

The "Cowboy" (wide legged, forming tunnel with legs)

The "Sprinter" (formation of a triangle with the body, hands on the ground, feet on the ground, stomach in the air)

THe "Doggystyle" (assume doggystyle position)

THe "beanstalk" (anchoring foot under seat or luggage to avoid falling)
Dan- "Wow, look at that guy ride the subway! He doesn't hold on to the handrails at all! How doesn't he fall?"

CHristina-"He is an experience subway rider, and by consequence he has perfected a solid subway stance"

by Subwayman April 24, 2010