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When a girl is having non-committal unprotected sex informing the man he can pull out at the instant before ejaculation. When the male informs the female of the pull out she instead wraps her legs around him forcing his man juice inside of her, causing his penis to be trapped in her 'lobster'.
Matt: Man how did you end up having Aubrey as a baby mama?
Joe: She gave me a Newfoundland lobster trap the night I met her at the bar.
by Submarineer March 24, 2009
When a girl puts on a strap-on penis and anally penetrates a man with shaggy hair. It's called Reverse Rick Moranis for the reversal of sex roles, the shaggy hair which provides the girl with something to hold onto, and the high pitch of the mans voice after the act (similar to Rick Moranis' voice all the time).
Scott: Man, Nick you don't sound too good.
Nick: It was Katie's birthday, so I let her Reverse Rick Moranis me.
by Submarineer March 25, 2009

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