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Umetnik is Serbian word for an Artist

Usually person that considers himself unique and has a constant need to prove himself to others or to himself,most of the time lazy and unable to work because work seems to choke their creativity,only thing important to Umetnik is his form of "Art"...

May also be used as to describe Person of unusual behavior,smth out of ordinary...

Pikaso je bio Izvrstan umetnik
Picasso was an extraordinary Artist

Sta Radi ovaj Koji kurac zasto lize Svoj pazuh? Ma Pusti ga on je Umetnik...

What a fuck is he doing?why is he licking his Armpit? Let him be ,he is an Artist...
by Subjective_Truth June 10, 2009
New show in Serbia,Hosted by Ognjen Amidzic,that is bad Copy of Ali g show ,but the douche bag Host claims That he is original and only thing that resembles to Another show is Name..... entire concept of show3 is stolen,some parts are just translated in Serbian Language,guest are Serbian Turbo folk stars( Pretty dressed Whores,which call themselves "singers" but yet all of them have voices like Tasmanian devil,and tend to Sing quite often about Sex,money and sex for money.)
Ami g Show is a ripoff of famous Ali g Show...

Ami G Show is stupid.ts a fact.
by Subjective_Truth June 10, 2009

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