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An American television show that is part of a collective effort to perpetuate a shallow, one-dimensional view of music. Those with an ability to sing are given a chance at a record contract. Not specifically those with exceptional creative abilities, but those who are able to carry a tune through a verse-chorus-verse-Top 40-3:30 of regurgitated sound. It is made even more ominous by its rabid nation-wide following.
"It's time to evolve ideas. Evolution did not end with us growing thumbs, you do know that, right?" -- Bill Hicks

That example does not use "American Idol" in a sentence, but this does.
by suav nitebeest May 25, 2008
A song by Rob Zombie from his album, The Sinister Urge. It is also the theme song to the movie he later directed. While the musical portion of the song is fairly simple, it is most notable for beginning and ending with what sound like various television or radio broadcasts detailing the carnage inside the house, with lines like "Police have identified four victims, and plan on more than just the four for the charges filed today", as well as "...a large kettle on the stove which held boiled body parts..." It is also peppered with various screams, sounds of chainsaws, and the occasional eerie voice. Overall, it is the type of song that one would not want to first listen to alone in a dark room.
First Gentleman: "I do say, my good man, what music shall I select to be played during my dinner social this evening? I have looked at various selections, but I must say that they all reek of feces -- metaphorically, of course."

Second Gentlemen: "Why, I do believe I have just the song! You must have heard of musical virtuoso Robert Cummings, commonly known as Rob Zombie. His song, "House of 1000 Corpses", is just the kind of background music for your own cannibalistic proceedings tonight!"

First Gentlemen: "Oh, Winston, you know me only too well. Of course I shall play that song again! I will be sure to save some sweetbreads for you this time; I know how you do like those exquisite bits of human goodness."
by Suav Nitebeest March 01, 2007

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