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Aka "dA MuRdaH MiLLs", iS a CiTy LoCaTeD NoRtH oF dA BeAn (BoStOn), KnOwN 4 iTz GhEttO AsS MiLLz, PrOjEcTz, ShOoTiNgs, StaBBiNgZ, TrEeS, EtC. (YaLL KnOw dA DeAL) N MaDe Up MoStLy oF PuErTo RiCaNs n CaMboDiAnS, BuT MoStLy PuErTo RiCaNs!
"HeLL NaH I AiNt FrOm WaK AsS LaWtOwN, iM FrOM MiLLCiTy!"
by SuMbOdY December 26, 2007

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