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to pull a columbine is when you are fucking fed up with school and all the homework, classwork, stupid authority, annoying fucking kids at school, and come to school with a gun or with a group with guns and shoot that fucking shit up!, and then immediatley after you do your damage or if your cornered by the fucking pigs(cops)make a suicide pact and kill yourselves (reference to the columbine shootings)
Kid1:i fucking hate school! im fed up with it!
Kid2:wanna pull a columbine?
Kid1: ok!
by StzaCrack September 19, 2006
when a kid listens to crust punk music and sits and whines about the enviorment all day long and never does anything about it and probably is also fuckin straight edge. they also claim to be really really hardcore and will "beat yer ass" but pussy's out in the last minute and also a crust kid is always standing around at crust and grindcore shows. they are also veggies and dont eat meat. they are also simular to grindcore kids
pussy crust kid:dude i hate pollution!
punk kid: then do something about it crust kid!
pussy crust kid:i don't feel like it
by StzaCrack September 19, 2006

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