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Where did the idea that Abercrombie is expensive come from? Abercrombie is cheap. $70 for a pair of jeans. Oh, sooo expensive. Abercrombie is for wannabees who want to try to look the part of rich and cool. If you have any real class at all you will go to Nordstrom or Saks and buy a pair of real jeans like 7 For All Mankind or Citizens For Humanity. Or try Coach, Burberry, BCBG MAXAZRIA, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie or even J.Crew. If you think a $20 shirt is expensive, I am sorry, but actually shopping at J.C. Penny or Sears is pathetic. And Abercrombie & Fitch does not stand for upper-class and wealthy. With its ideas of being a brand for rich, stupid girls (and guys) who just love to spend daddy's money, I am embarrassed to be represented by this brand. I am a straight A student in all the honors and AP classes available at my school. And I buy real clothes that cost more than a pair of Sketchers (the shoes of the losers). Plus, nobody would be caught dead in Abercrombie at my school. Get a life.
Oh look at me! I am trying to be cool and rich by wearing a shirt from Abercrombie that costs less than a washrag!
by Styled August 27, 2008

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