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A strange breed of halfman-halffur he resides in a freezing flesh village on the outskirts of what used to be a thriving nudist colony.

When going into battle with other fleshpods you may hear several calls of battle, one of the most common is, "NUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111"

This has become an anthem of many people, especially the Chewy Nudists of Oshwa. Who you will hear rooting for their hockey team going, "NUUUUUNNNNNNPIIIIIIIILEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!11111"

Many attempts at communcation with the Emp O Tuna have taken place the all end up something like this though: AALFK:DSLFJKGHTHTYYFSDFHLGHHGGHLSDLFKJGGGHHTTYTOUOWIEURYTYH !!!!

Several years ago all attempts at communication ceased.

A person who is like the Emp O Tuna is said to be a thoughtful asshole, a tolerant bigot, a person who understands things, but is often a dumbass. When the words "SELF-PWNAGE!" are used they usually refer to tuna. But it is no worry, he shrugs them off and pwns the person back with a flurry of insults stamped by the immortal END-NO ERASIES lockdown.

If you encounter the Emp O Tuna in the wild WATCH OUT! DANJAH DANJAH DANJAH! He is a master of the Erasie-Fu.
by Styffy April 07, 2004
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